Campaign against the Faldingworth explosions nuisance

Some common worries:

1. It appears that some people in Newtoft have been told that, if the Faldingworth site closes, it will be sold off for something even less desirable, such as “an immigrant camp”, and the value of their property will drop accordingly. A moment’s thought should show that this disgusting threat is nonsense.

Any alternative use of the site would require planning permission. Anything in any way controversial would require a public enquiry. Either of these would take years, and there would be ample opportunity for objection. And after this campaign, it is unlikely that anything controversial would get permissions easily. Councils like a quiet life!

2. Some people have expressed concern that, if our campaign gets much public attention, property prices in the area will drop. People have worked hard to own their own homes, and very reasonably do not wish to see their efforts go for nothing. To this, we would say the following:

i). You can hardly sell your homes with massive explosions going on!

ii). If you do fool somebody into buying, without telling them about this major nuisance, you can be taken to court for not disclosing the necessary facts relevant to the sale.

iii). It’s too late, the news has already got about, but

iv). don’t worry, the best way to combat all these points is to stick together and win!


You don’t have to just do what you’re told. If we stick together, we can win!